There’s an elephant sitting in the middle of your room. Its name is mental health.

52% of all workers are feeling burned out in organizations. Depression already affects more than 264 million people worldwide.

World Health Organization data


With a real time emotional feedback system, UNI is an application that invites everyone in the organization, leaders and employees, to actively participate in the mission of creating and caring for a mentally healthy environment for everyone.

Through dialogues, conversations and meeting models based on an agile methodology, it promotes greater connection and interaction between teams, strengthening the organization's purpose, with self-knowledge, lightness, joy and efficiency, while boosting everyone's emotional intelligence in the organization.


Most of the training offered in organizations today is ineffective, as the objective, timing and content of the trainings do not reach the fundamental point of organizational change: the behavior of employees.

  • A survey by the Boston Consulting Group indicates that, in the last decade, 85% of companies have gone through some transformation process.
  • The same survey found that almost 75% of these transformations did not improve business performance, whether in the short- or long-term.
  • In 2019 alone, more than 360 billion dollars were spent on trainings and consultancy.
  • A recent British survey showed that for every dollar invested in mental health, companies will return three to five dollars.
  • Companies with happy employees outperform the competition by 20% to 25%.


Organizations today are facing much more than technological challenges, Even though several efforts and complete, expensive and complex strategies are orchestrated so that organizations can keep up with the pace of the world transformations, advances and encounter barriers in essentially human issues, relationships, noisy communication and lack of a sense of belonging and relevance, triggering severe mental health conditions (depression and burnout).

UNI takes care of the organization's mental health by developing the emotional intelligence of its employees and leaders, The app works like this: everyone in the organization has access to the app, where they can report their emotions in two clicks.

The reports create a real time emotional map of the organization, which can be accessed by leaders and HR. When the same emotion affects a significant number of people in a team (30%) - with the potential to negatively "infect" the entire team, the leader receives an email with a warning of the situation, including instructions, possibilities for action, models of conversations and meetings to deal with that emotion, based on an action plan.


UNI can be used in any organization, from production lines to management corner offices. Billing is made monthly and 'per user', and costs less per month than a day's meal voucher.

We want UNI to be accessible to the entire organization, in order to enhance our purpose: taking maximum care of mental health of employees. That's why we have different plans according to the number of employees and the period of use of UNI.


Our plan is for UNI to reach as many organizations as possible in the world. Therefore, we are preparing to launch UNI in six languages ​​and we are also developing UNI for people outside of organizations (therapeutic care) and for communities.


Elaine Favero

Experienced and worked in an organizational environment that was not healthy, Elaine switched careers. After being a tax lawyer for 9 years, she transitioned her career in order to bring more happiness and lightness to organizations.

Tine Bieber

Tine is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and specializes in organizational development. She is an experienced self-management practitioner and has pioneered New Work approaches the past 4.5 years in a purpose-driven Dutch company.

Janara Lopes

Janara Lopes, creative director, curator and creative industry businesswoman, was the creator of IdeaFixa, a company that evolved the craft talent market. She has collaborated in the creation of teams and creative projects for some of the biggest brands in Brazil as well as in the world, such as Havaianas, Adidas, Facebook, Itaú, Netflix, and many others.

Leandro Fregnani

Leandro Fregnani, technology director, writer, poet and entrepreneur, creator of the company Invent Digital, which is a company focused on Mobile and Web App Development. He managed and created more than 30 unique projects throughout his career, bringing problem solutions to companies from the most diverse fields, including engineering.


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